The Reliquarium online represents a space between spaces.

It is a digital archive containing relics of life and death, of the dream that we are all part of. Each creation under the Reliquarium is a ritual done in reverence to the undying beauty and immense power that exists within the cycle of creation. The processes of life, growth, and death are infused within every aspect of our lives, and we of the Reliquarium strive in all aspects of our work to allow such processes to guide and define our own practice. Thus we draw from the abundant beauty of the natural world, in the things many see as dead and gone. We create relics, effigies of concepts fossilized within our cultural zeitgeist to generate questions about how we live and die and what it means to be human.


"We of the Reliquarium offer a variety of custom works that are imbued with the forces of life and death in reverence to the power of the natural world."



Ivy Ross
Co Founder/Director of Design/Project Manager

Soyoon Cha
Fabricator/Media & Marketing

Oliver Allaux
Visuals Director/ Designer/Fabricator

Logan Will
Co Founder/Director of Fabrication/Project Manager

Mary Murph

Chase F. Hanna

Andrew Hlynsky
LED Master

Justin Jannone
Co Founder/ Project Manager

Matty Green
Lighting Specialist/ Fabricator/Designer





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