An engineer of imagination, Mary “Murph” is a New England native studio artist and live painter who uncovered the creative outlet of painting in her early years. Seeking to articulate the ineffable, the dark interstices of dreams and what may lurk in those fabled precincts, beneficent or inimical, her main focus in art has always been to make her audience ask questions and revel in the unknown. Her work brings a contemporary and often dark twist to surrealism and transcendentalism – honoring the complexities, simplicities, and dualities of the worlds we inhabit, nebular environments where forms are summoned to speak from the chaos. Working in oil, acrylic, and watercolors, each piece she spawns seems to come together unplanned, allowing her visions to nestle into their new homes on the canvas. She finds inspiration in bizarre occurrence, oddities, and all things eldritch, uncharted, and unanswered.