Soyoon means a “bright light” in Korean. With every light, there lies a shadow, and it is within the shadows Soyoon’s affinities lay.  There is polarity in everything and beauty can also be found in the decay, the broken, and the damaged. 

To her, nowhere and everywhere is home all at once. “Home is a place that once you leave, you can never go back”. Everything stays exactly the same but changes at the same time and home becomes but a memory. This transience and nostalgia is apparent in her work, as she rearranges fragments of time and places them onto one canvas or screen, aiming to create a space that is unattainable, just as “home” is unattainable to her.  

Soyoon is inspired by and appreciates what is overlooked and corroded by time, recognizing and embracing her demons to create work that reflects the mania within.

Fabricator/Media & Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Design