Using extreme care and non-degradative techniques, we are able to reproduce extremely delicate items with precision so that the physical integrity of the primary object is a maintained absolutely. The Reliquarium offers a variety of high quality casting services. Working with a diverse range of materials, techniques from sand casting to rubber molds. We provide prototyping, reproduction & replication solutions for any kind of three dimensional project. This complete processual skill-set allows us to work with clients from the initial idea stage, design, to a final polished rendering.



The Reliquarium tribe specializes in the casting of skulls, although we have extensive experience with artifact reproduction of items such as archaic stone tools and ceramic remnants.

Material choice

Reproduction castings offered in a variety of materials including: Wax, Plaster, Aluminum, Iron, Bronze, Ceramic & Plastic

Tailored for Use

Understanding the specific need of a finished product allows our team to engineer for functionality. We can meet a variety of usage constraints such as: Durability, Wearability, Transparency & Weight.