The Reliquarium team has a diverse skillset giving you access to a range of building options.  Material choice is key to seeing a dream on paper come to life in fully realized three dimensionality.  We can provide you with our combined experience to help make any design possible. Offering fabrication solutions in all metals, let us tailor your project to meet your unique project needs.    

Steel Fabrication

Steel is a extremely strong building material, making it ideal for architectural and large sculptural forms were durability and load bearing capacity are key.  There are a multitude of finish treatment options with steel from a polished or brushed look, to blackened industrial or rusted treatments.

Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum is incredibly lightweight making it a versitile material for lightweight designs. This fabrication method has the edge with clean and streamline look and professional grade finish.

Precious Metals

Precious metals such as bronze, copper, silver, and gold can be used to evoke extreamly beautiful and unique finishes to works of art.  In addition, patinas my be applied to these metals creating an incredibly rich array of color and surface treatments.  These are lustrous when polished or rich and rustic when untouched.